rttIs the lack of confidence around women holding you back in pursuing the woman of your dreams? You are not alone, many men have this problem. They get tense, anxious and feel insecure in front of the woman they adore. If this keeps on happening to you, you won’t be able to act the way you want and you will appear unattractive to most women. Confidence is a trait that women admire most and building self-confidence around women is necessary if you want to succeed in dating women.

How to build self-confidence around women?

Know that most people lack self-confidence. Your lack of confidence shouldn’t be an excuse for not approaching the woman you like. You have to know that it is normal for people to feel unsure, uncomfortable or shy in front of another person especially if this person is someone you like so you do not have to feel less of a person for feeling less confident. Who knows, the person that you are afraid to approach might be as shy as you are. In building self-confidence around women you have to muster your courage and conquer your fears.

Dress like a confident man. In everything we do we have to set the mood to be able to feel it and get in action. We get into the mood of sleeping if we are in our sleeping clothes, we wear school uniforms or working clothes to get into the mood of going to school or working. It is the same in building confidence around women, you have to wear a confident persona to get into the mood and one way of accomplishing that is to dress well and appear confident. Wear something stylish and classy but be sure you are comfortable and confident pulling that off. Groom yourself from head to toe. Put attention to your hairstyle and even to your shoes. Trim your facial hair including the hair in your nose and cut your fingernails to appear clean and fresh. Remember that grooming yourself doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune. There are ways to look great on a budget.

Believe in yourself. Lack of confidence stems from not believing in yourself and in building confidence around women, you have to change your mindset. The way we think affects our behavior. If you do not believe in yourself, it shows in your action. If you will start to believe more in yourself, you will start to act more confident. This is easily said than done but you have to start changing your mindset if you want to build self-confidence around women. If you will start now and will keep on doing it, you will eventually become better and will naturally act confident around women. Believe that you are interesting and likeable and it will show in your actions. Once you start believing in yourself, women will find you more interesting and attractive.

Accept that rejection is a normal part of life. Fear of rejection is the major factor contributing to the lack of confidence of most men. They do not want to be rejected so they just stay away and failed to muster the confidence to approach the women they find attractive. Accept that rejection is a normal part of life and dating or approaching women is not an exception. Almost everybody gets rejected but those who succeeded are those who refused to give up. In building confidence around women, you have to change your outlook about rejection. Think that in every rejection, you get one step closer to meeting “the one” for you.

Practice, practice and practice. Self-consciousness around women can prevent you from acting confident around them but if you will expose yourself to socialize more with women, this self-consciousness will be reduced if not eliminated. You probably already know the common saying that constant practice makes it perfect and you probably have done that on some of the things that you want to learn in school or at work. In building confidence around women, you also have to practice constantly to get the hang of it and to become more confident. Practice being around women more and socialize with them more. Practice having conversations with your women friends so that when the time comes that you have to face the woman you are attracted to, you will not be too overwhelmed.

Once you’ve learned to be confident around women or in front of people in general, it will bring positive changes in your life especially in your social or dating life.


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