manYou may already know that some women have an X-Factor that most women don’t. These women are able to effortlessly command the attention of all those around them. They aren’t necessarily stunningly beautiful women but they have a quality about them that makes them alluring and enticing to say the least.

This quality is more than just confidence, confidence doesn’t sum it up. To be fair there isn’t really an adjective to summarize their magnetism. So you can’t aspire to be this one quality.

What these women are doing that given you are reading this article, you most probably aren’t is being their true selves.

These women aren’t living in fear, they aren’t following someone else’s lead or hoping someone will love them. They aren’t putting others before themselves, they believe they deserve happiness and great things and they don’t have a problem accepting them or feel surprised when good things occur in their lives.

These women have a positive energy. They believe in abundance, they feel they are worthy of good things and have value. They would never allow a man to treat them badly or anyone for that matter. Empowered women aren’t shackled with fear. They don’t always play by the rules, they break them and make their own.

They aren’t afraid to walk away from situations that aren’t bringing them happiness and the majority of their thoughts are happy ones.

Seductive women are confident because they have gratitude, they know that happiness breeds more happiness and they see life as their play pen. The world is what they create it and they will make sure they create the best possible environment to live in.

Making the transition from an average existence to a great one won’t happen in a day but it starts with confidence.

The first step to being seductive is gratitude and that is where we will start today.

Every day upon waking up or on the way to work or when you are feeling low think of 20 things you are grateful for. It seems like a lot of things to be grateful for but when you get going 20 things won’t be enough.

You need to make a conscious decision to be happy and that starts with not wanting things to make you happy but wanting what you have got.

It doesn’t matter if you say the same things over and over again every day. The purpose of this is the activity is practice. Recalibrating your outlook on life, especially if you are particularly depressed or negative will take a long time.

The path to getting what you want in your love life starts with loving what you have got. So be grateful.

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