bbIf you have done a good job planning for your retirement and have little or no debt you are off to a flying start. Many financial advisors suggest that you will require at least 50%-60% of your working income to retire, enjoying your current standard of lifestyle.

Deciding to retire and keeping yourself busy with a hobby or volunteer work will make sure you have something to fill your time. A few of my single friends in Australia have joined ‘volunteers Abroad’ and found a totally new lease on life helping third world countries building such facilities as schools and irrigation works

If you have reached a point in your life where the kids are now gone to build their own lives and the mortgage is paid off then now is the perfect time to book your first trip or cruise, in your new lifestyle. Here are a few cruise ideas to consider.

The small ship cruise advantages

Fantastic on-board service with some cruises being only 40-50 passengers and crew.

The vessels ability to anchor in very small historic ports with waters too shallow for the giants to even consider an attempt to tie up at.

When you do reach a port of call you are part of a smaller group of usually hundreds rather than thousands.

Small ship cruises can explore the more sensitive areas such as the French Polynesian areas like the beautiful Bora Bora region.

When you are completing your ‘bucket-list’ with things you have always wanted to do, but thought it would never happen such as, go game fishing, or start a tropical garden paradise, it may be time to move on to the next chapter in life.

With all the free time retirement brings, you are going to want companionship to enjoy it. It is better to retire with a social network of friends that you can enjoy it with. If many of your friends and family are all still busy in their corporate world you might find living the life of leisure to be a little lonely.

Although many expenses drop,clearly you will still need to stick to a budget. Many experts recommend sticking to your retirement budget for 6 months before you retire to see how you cope.

Regardless, you should now be looking forward to a healthy new and fulfilling life ahead, it really is a big wide beautiful world, out there!

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