fhBeing alone is not the same as being lonely. You can actually enjoy solitude without feeling lonely. This article pours over some tips on how this is possible. To learn them, read on.

    • Take up a good novel by your favorite writer and start reading. Time will pass elegantly. In order to find a good book from the comfort of your home, you can order on Amazon or download the book of your choice from a free site. There are so many sites available now a days that offer free books to download and let you enjoy reading them.


    • Go for a pleasant stroll around your block. Enjoy the sun rays enveloping you if it is a sunny day or enjoy the wind fluttering through your hair if it is a cold, windy day. Either way you will like being by yourself.


    • Get a nice cookbook and start cooking interesting and delicious recipes of your choice. You will have a good time doing it all by yourself. Then you can call up a friend to come over and share the food items. S/he may even compliment on your cooking skills making you feel even better.


    • Plant a garden around your home. You can start with vegetables which will benefit you for your meals or you can grow beautiful flowers to add beauty to your home. Either way you will pass time happily. You will have to add fertilizer in right amounts, sprinkle water and weed out regularly to have a good-looking and healthy garden.


    • Get some painting colors, a paint brush and a drawing board with some paper and start painting right away. You can paint something looking at a post card or some picture at first. But gradually you will develop your own ideas and your painting skills will improve and you will enjoy doing it more and more.


    • You may engage yourself writing a novel or fiction story. You can mentally make up some characters and design a plot before you actually place it on paper, or it can be something based on your real life experiences that you want to share with the world.


  • You can play your favorite songs and start singing along with them. You can hone on your singing skills by taking up singing lessons in your local area. And time will fly away gracefully.

These are a few of my tips on how you can enjoy being by yourself without feeling lonely. I do hope you got some ideas to start with. So take action immediately and dive in!

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