pooWomen are attracted to many things, such as money, power, fame and similar. Many of them want a rich guy, who is capable to make their lives easy to live. Some of them want a strong man, ready to protect them from the dangers around the world.

But these wishes are superficial. A Relationship, built on top of those desires, never lasts for long. To be able to attract woman and more importantly, create a lasting attraction, you need to go deeper. And the only way to do it is to develop personality traits that target her emotions, capable to hit the deeper corners of her heart.

Let me explain the difference between the looks and feelings.

Many men think that if they drive a Ferrari, or own a yacht would help them attract more hot women. Others believe that building a heap of muscles would attract women. Well, that’s just wrong.

While women can get attracted to these superficial things because of lust or hope for material benefits, they aren’t driven to them because of the chemistry. They don’t feel the attraction or affection on a deeper level, which can be achieved with one thing and one thing alone – personality.

Personality is the one thing that enables you to attract her far more successfully than anything else. You don’t need to be rich or handsome to have it, it costs nothing, but it gives you more leverage than any other superficial thing out there.

Sure, now you’re probably asking “When a woman sees a guy driving Ferrari and me, driving a Ford Fiesta, who will she pick?” Well, most women will pick the one who can attract her on a deeper level. It takes some skills and effort to do it, you also don’t have much time to do it, but it can be done.

You see, when two guys are trying to attract a hot woman at the same time, only one can win. And trust me, the one with great personality almost always wins. When you’re capable of attracting a woman with your personality, she won’t care for Ferrari any more.

But what kind of personality do you need? Well, it depends. Not all types of personality traits work the same with all types of women. So, to be able to target the right type of woman with the right type of personality, you’ll need some practise. It takes some time to master the recognition of her body language, telling you what makes her tick in that particular moment, but you’ll get there after a while.

I could write a whole book about personality development, but let me point out just two traits that attract most women out there.

Funny – Women respond to someone who can make them laugh. Being funny can get you lucky in no time, because a woman feels relaxed and positive in your presence. So, try to memorize a couple of good jokes and use them every now and then. Just don’t overdo it, as you want to make her feel comfortable, without making her think about you as a friendly joker.

Cocky – This is a very important trait, neglected by most men. Being cocky gives you that special advantage over other men, because unlike them, you’re not a wuss, doing everything she wants. The cocky attitude makes you more self confident, thus more desirable, as most women like confident men. When using the cocky attitude, don’t go overboard. Remember, being a little cocky is good, but being too much cocky makes you a moron, so use it wisely. Don’t worry, over time you’ll learn how much is enough.

So, as you can see, personality traits that attract most women aren’t hard to develop. All men have them, they just need to develop those main traits to the level, where they could use them on a daily basis, whenever they need to. Remember, being rich or handsome is good, but that alone doesn’t make her feel attracted on a deeper level. Personality is the only thing that hits women’s hearts, so focus on its development as much as you can. Good luck!

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