361. Realise That Your Happiness Is Not Within 1 Specific Girl

The majority of the information handed down to you regarding girls has come from marketers. Marketers who would like you to believe that when you have purchased the correct plastic configurations that the perfect girl will find you. The marketers that present the heavily moderated image on the billboard to keep you going on your little hamster wheel.

This is actually a myth, girls are just like you, human, they get depressed, smell, excrete and are also searching for happiness.

They also couldn’t really care for your plastic configurations or how many 1’s and 0’s you have accumulated in your bank account.

But why would they lie to you?

One answer… Money.

OK, so now we have cleared that up, it should now be obvious that the movie star or calendar girl that you are trying to work out how to get, is not what you actually want.

2. Realise That Your Happiness Is Not Solely Dependant On Your Success With Girls

OK Dave, so if I shouldn’t chase after one specific girl, what should I do to get a girlfriend?

Not focus on getting a girlfriend…

Again you must realise that though your genes may tell you otherwise, there is more to life than success with the opposite sex.

Yes, you can go out and life an awesome life with a girl for a certain time and it is perfectly possible that you will be happy…

And it just so happens that when you do this… the real fun will start.

Girls we start to understand what’s going on, they will realise you have a passion for life and paradoxically this is when they will come running and you won’t even consider asking “how to get a girl” again…

3. Welcome To Life

Here we go…

Your life can now continue without such an intense focus on the opposite sex.

And it is now that we come to point of the article, how you get the girl without coming across as desperate.

When you have built an AWESOME life, you know that the addition of any specific or even ANY girl can’t have that much of an impact on your happiness and thus it is almost impossible to come across as desperate.

This is where we need you to be…

Now you understand the reason why you should not ask the question “how to get a girl” you are truly ready to start your quest to find that awesome girlfriend…

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