asWhile the world of seduction becomes cloudy and hazy to a lot of Men, so to comes frustration and fatigue to those Men who have been lead down the wrong beaten track of becoming better with Women.

99% of seduction or pick-up companies out there will sell you on proven methods and technique to seduce Women effortlessly.

For example “Use this secret technique and her panties will fall off for you” type hook lines.

As Men we very logical based creatures. We like to hear that there are methods or techniques to achieving a “successful seduction” with a Woman.

We want to know fool-proof methods that offer us maximum reward for very little effort, making us constantly on the look out for even better ways that might yield a greater return.

There is a massive failure here.

These methods are all logically driven processes.

If you believe learning techniques or methods is the correct way to start to learn to develop attraction with Women then you need to wake up right now and get a taste of reality.

Attraction is feeling based, it’s not logical.

I will repeat it once more again for you just so you do not forget it!

Attraction is feeling based, it’s not logical.

I am here to tell you straight up that your own intelligence and mind has stopped you from attracting the Women you want into your life.

Filling your head with methods and techniques is completely the wrong thing to do.

What’s the correct alternative to filling your head with non-sense?

Becoming my in touch with yourself and your own masculinity. Fredrick Perls a well recognised psychiatrist and psychotherapist emphasises this transition perfectly.

We need to come to our senses. We need to come back into our own body, connect to senses.

A lot of Men have forgotten to connect to their own masculinity which is running through their body.

Being stuck in your mind creates frustration and anxiety, things which do not help you connect with Women.

The sensation of excitement rush through your body when you see a beautiful Woman.

This feeling can quickly lead to anxiety when you do not feel into these sensations and instead try to rationalise in your mind to stop yourself.

You see it’s not about methods or techniques but instead becoming better with yourself which automatically breeds congruence and confidence.

Confidence coming from the latin word Confidere “to trust from within”.

You have to recognise the power that lies inside of you and trust the feelings and sensations happening inside.

The rest takes care of itself.

Mark is an Kiwi attraction and masculinity coach/writer who connects with many Men who are looking to better there dating lives and overall lifestyle through his online blog and booking Skype consultations. His philosophy for any Man to achieve greater satisfaction in their own life is about connecting and becoming better with yourself.


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