Month: February 2016

Tips in Building Self-Confidence Around Women

rttIs the lack of confidence around women holding you back in pursuing the woman of your dreams? You are not alone, many men have this problem. They get tense, anxious and feel insecure in front of the woman they adore. If this keeps on happening to you, you won’t be able to act the way you want and you will appear unattractive to most women. Confidence is a trait that women admire most and building self-confidence around women is necessary if you want to succeed in dating women.

How to build self-confidence around women?

Know that most people lack self-confidence. Your lack of confidence shouldn’t be an excuse for not approaching the woman you like. You have to know that it is normal for people to feel unsure, uncomfortable or shy in front of another person especially if this person is someone you like so you do not have to feel less of a person for feeling less confident. Who knows, the person that you are afraid to approach might be as shy as you are. In building self-confidence around women you have to muster your courage and conquer your fears.

Dress like a confident man. In everything we do we have to set the mood to be able to feel it and get in action. We get into the mood of sleeping if we are in our sleeping clothes, we wear school uniforms or working clothes to get into the mood of going to school or working. It is the same in building confidence around women, you have to wear a confident persona to get into the mood and one way of accomplishing that is to dress well and appear confident. Wear something stylish and classy but be sure you are comfortable and confident pulling that off. Groom yourself from head to toe. Put attention to your hairstyle and even to your shoes. Trim your facial hair including the hair in your nose and cut your fingernails to appear clean and fresh. Remember that grooming yourself doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune. There are ways to look great on a budget.

Believe in yourself. Lack of confidence stems from not believing in yourself and in building confidence around women, you have to change your mindset. The way we think affects our behavior. If you do not believe in yourself, it shows in your action. If you will start to believe more in yourself, you will start to act more confident. This is easily said than done but you have to start changing your mindset if you want to build self-confidence around women. If you will start now and will keep on doing it, you will eventually become better and will naturally act confident around women. Believe that you are interesting and likeable and it will show in your actions. Once you start believing in yourself, women will find you more interesting and attractive.

Accept that rejection is a normal part of life. Fear of rejection is the major factor contributing to the lack of confidence of most men. They do not want to be rejected so they just stay away and failed to muster the confidence to approach the women they find attractive. Accept that rejection is a normal part of life and dating or approaching women is not an exception. Almost everybody gets rejected but those who succeeded are those who refused to give up. In building confidence around women, you have to change your outlook about rejection. Think that in every rejection, you get one step closer to meeting “the one” for you.

Practice, practice and practice. Self-consciousness around women can prevent you from acting confident around them but if you will expose yourself to socialize more with women, this self-consciousness will be reduced if not eliminated. You probably already know the common saying that constant practice makes it perfect and you probably have done that on some of the things that you want to learn in school or at work. In building confidence around women, you also have to practice constantly to get the hang of it and to become more confident. Practice being around women more and socialize with them more. Practice having conversations with your women friends so that when the time comes that you have to face the woman you are attracted to, you will not be too overwhelmed.

Once you’ve learned to be confident around women or in front of people in general, it will bring positive changes in your life especially in your social or dating life.


How to Pick Up Women at The Office

31Countless guys spend their time trying to figure out how to pick up women at the office despite the fact that office romance is typically against company policy at most working environments. The reality is that we spend the majority of our waking lives at our respective jobs with our co-workers. Inevitably, bonds are formed and sometimes these bonds can lead to casual office romance, dating and even marriage. This however does not change the fact that there are company policies on this topic that you are expected to adhere to. It also does not change the fact that guys will continue to run into women at the office that they want to date. This means if they decide to act on their desires, they will have to learn how to stealthily pick up these women at work without putting their jobs at risk.

Generally speaking, dating a co-worker is not really a good idea as things can get really messy at the office if things go sour and particularly if people find out. I’m certainly not encouraging you to break company policy. At the same time, I’m also not telling you to only pick up women outside of work. That decision is yours to make. However, if you do decide that you absolutely have to go after that irresistible co-worker or woman you see every day that works in a different department; this is how I’d go about it.

First and foremost, test the waters: Unless the woman you’re after is undeniably attracted to you as well, chances are that your advances will not be welcome. So start off by always saying “hi” to her and smile at her every time you cross paths with her. Doing this frequently will make her aware of you. After you’ve done this a few times, you can progress to trying to extend your interaction with her beyond just saying “hi.” Do not try to pick her up or ask her out at this point. Just keep the conversations on work related stuff or other neutral topics. The purpose of this is to gauge how receptive she is simply talking to you and also to get her comfortable around you and used to talking to you.

Secondly, assuming you now know she has a receptive attitude when you talk to her, it’s time to start joking around with her. By this I mean it’s OK to tease her a little and be somewhat playful here and there. In other words, try to bring out both her sense of humor and yours. I say this because you don’t want to come across as just another boring guy at work that talks to her and only all about business and work related stuff.

Thirdly, now that you’ve established a little rapport with her, it’s time to invite her out for lunch or happy hour drinks after work or any other after hours activity. The important part here is to make sure you invite her to join you and other co-workers. Bringing other co-workers into the picture makes things a loss less threatening to her. Plus, she’ll feel a lot more encouraged to accept the invite since everyone else is going. At this point you’re still going to keep things friendly between the two of you since you don’t want to make any advances in front of other co-workers. It’s OK to flirt a little when you have those opportunistic alone moments with her.

Lastly, now that you’ve both been out of the office together – albeit with other co-workers – the idea of going out with you again some place else won’t seem so foreign to her anymore. A few days later while at the office, invite her to hang out with you one-on-one for lunch or preferably drinks after work. Again do this privately when you cross paths in the office hallway or parking lot or someplace similar. If she accepts, this would be a good time to exchange numbers. If she declines, then politely suggest another time with a smile. You could say: “OK no problem, maybe some other time.”

Try asking several days later and if she declines again, chances are that she is not interested and it’s time to leave it alone. No matter what, play it cool and mature. Most importantly stay amicable at your job so as not to make things awkward for either one of you or anyone else at work. Knowing how to pick up women at the office and actually doing it doesn’t have to be difficult.

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How To Get A Girl’s Number In Less Than 5 Minutes

lesLet’s get straight into this…

So, you basically need to roam around your city until you find a girl that you think you would like to talk to and then as you she her approach directly…

And when you have her attention by saying something similar to “Excuse me… ” then say:

“Sorry, could I please borrow your phone for a second please… ” whilst holding strong eye contact…

Depending on the effectiveness of your approach (see three points below), she may or may not hand over her phone, if she doesn’t just say thanks and walk away.

If she does, take the phone and enter your number and call it straight away (ensure your phone is on load), once your phone starts ringing take it out and say thank you to the girl and pass her phone back with a smirk.


The effectiveness of the how to get a girl’s number technique hinges almost solely on the three factors below, there is NO point in getting the girl’s number if you don’t create some sort of bond with the girl as she will just delete yours when she leaves and will not respond to your messages.

1. Assume

This exercise hinges almost solely on confidence, if a girl notices an ounce of uncertainty in your eyes she will sense the in-congruence between your thoughts, words and actions and it will weird her out. You have to be 100% certain this will work or it will NOT work.

So how do you get this unshakeable confidence?


The first time you do this will be a disaster, but no one will die, so try it anyway.

Then slowly you will get better and better and then the confidence will start to show as you build up successful reference experiences.

2. Eye Contact

Throughout the exercise you MUST hold cool and confident eye contact with the girl. This is where she will be subconsciously looking to check your confidence.

But be sure not to make the mistake of staring, if she breaks eye contact, you should too. Don’t look like a psychopath.

3. Qualify & Seed The Date

Once you have her number it is important that you do the following two things if you want to see her again:

Qualify – You must give her a reason for why you want her phone number, otherwise she will just assume you do this with each and every girl, which will drastically reduce the chance she will go on a date with you.

Seed The Date – She must know that you are going to ask her out on a date, otherwise, she will get your message asking her to do something and will think “why couldn’t her ask that to my face?”. Again be careful not to come across to desperate here and maybe just drop in “oh I’ll take you to X” or “we should do X”

Right, get out there and test your new skill, but remember, now you know how to get a girl’s number in under 5 minutes, use this skill ethically.

How To Get A Girl Without Being Desperate

361. Realise That Your Happiness Is Not Within 1 Specific Girl

The majority of the information handed down to you regarding girls has come from marketers. Marketers who would like you to believe that when you have purchased the correct plastic configurations that the perfect girl will find you. The marketers that present the heavily moderated image on the billboard to keep you going on your little hamster wheel.

This is actually a myth, girls are just like you, human, they get depressed, smell, excrete and are also searching for happiness.

They also couldn’t really care for your plastic configurations or how many 1’s and 0’s you have accumulated in your bank account.

But why would they lie to you?

One answer… Money.

OK, so now we have cleared that up, it should now be obvious that the movie star or calendar girl that you are trying to work out how to get, is not what you actually want.

2. Realise That Your Happiness Is Not Solely Dependant On Your Success With Girls

OK Dave, so if I shouldn’t chase after one specific girl, what should I do to get a girlfriend?

Not focus on getting a girlfriend…

Again you must realise that though your genes may tell you otherwise, there is more to life than success with the opposite sex.

Yes, you can go out and life an awesome life with a girl for a certain time and it is perfectly possible that you will be happy…

And it just so happens that when you do this… the real fun will start.

Girls we start to understand what’s going on, they will realise you have a passion for life and paradoxically this is when they will come running and you won’t even consider asking “how to get a girl” again…

3. Welcome To Life

Here we go…

Your life can now continue without such an intense focus on the opposite sex.

And it is now that we come to point of the article, how you get the girl without coming across as desperate.

When you have built an AWESOME life, you know that the addition of any specific or even ANY girl can’t have that much of an impact on your happiness and thus it is almost impossible to come across as desperate.

This is where we need you to be…

Now you understand the reason why you should not ask the question “how to get a girl” you are truly ready to start your quest to find that awesome girlfriend…