Month: December 2015

Why Are Singles Singled Out

w5Scanning local media I am impressed by the choice of tempting short break holidays on offer. Up for grabs are three days in Valencia for €95 and for just €15 more for similar in Madrid. I hope we won’t hear criticisms of tour companies that offer such good value for money.

In the UK 29% of homes have only one person resident; a total of 7.6 million. Why would it be different on the Costas? I wonder if convention excludes many thousands of singles from taking advantage of these offers. Being single but not unsociable I am envious of those who, with their arm-candy, occasionally take advantage of such breaks, night outs and restaurant tête-à-tête. Try it on your own.

Of course there are many singles whose status is not necessarily by choice; widowed, divorced, plain, ugly or plain ugly; maybe known to be cantankerous on occasion. They still deserve and need company. Why can’t they be loved too?

Several years ago I missed occasional company of skirt but had no wish to change my single status. I signed up to a holidays for a singles online service. When setting out my profile I told no lies. What you see is what you get. I even used a recent photograph of myself. There are cheats (we know who you are) who are economical with the truth by using photographs taken before they put on 15 kg or 15 years earlier.
I recall one lady who, when questioned, admitted she used her daughter’s photograph; otherwise she found it difficult to get a date. With morals like that she might have made up for it in other ways; her date wasn’t interested in finding out.

The holidays for singles are a wonderful idea and gave us singles the best of both worlds. When writing out my profile I made it clear that I wanted a shared holiday, not a shared life. The dilemma was the delicate subject of sleeping arrangements. No problem for me; after a day’s touring all I want to do is sleep.

But if you book single rooms the costs soar. Anyway, the loneliness of separate rooms after a day’s togetherness seemed to go against the spirit of the venture. I couldn’t see a problem sharing a room though not necessarily the bed. Leaving hanky-panky aside it is nice to have company, someone to natter with at lights out.

We are all adults; if we can’t be trusted to stay in our own beds we can’t be trusted to share a coach seat. All I could do was run it up the flag pole and see if anyone saluted. I did and was surprised at the number of ladies who found the suggestion accommodating. One at a time I presume.

Maybe these tour operators should try a little matchmaking; it could pay dividends. It’s not a dating site we need; it is a ‘Travel Date’ solution.

The author, before retirement, was voted ‘Writer of the Year’ by the editorial board of Euro Weekly News. This English language weekly is read by 550,000 readers each week.

Tantra for the Single Life

e7Single heading into the New Year? You may be wondering how Tantra applies to you. How can you practice Tantra without a partner? How could Tantra enhance your single life?

Tantra is a practice for everyone to first and foremost create a loving relationship and deeper connection with oneself. Singlehood is the perfect opportunity to start cultivating that relationship. Regardless if you are dating, looking for a beloved, or enjoying being alone, these Tantric practices can support you and alter your single life in 2016.

Single and dating…

Did you know that taking some time to consciously connect with your date can greatly enhance your sexual experience? Even if you’re in a non-committed relationship, you can still create a meaningful connection for the time that you are together. Instead of just “hooking up,” try out these practices to drop into a deeper sensual experience.

  1. Eye gazing

Looking into someone’s eyes allows us to drop out of our fears and desires and start to truly see the other person for who they are. Sit across from each other and look into each other’s left eye. The left eye refers to the receptive side of our brain; the part of us that accesses our emotions and allows us to be more vulnerable. Breathe together and notice any thoughts, judgments, or worries that start to cross your mind. Observe these and reconnect to your breath and to your partner. Notice how the thoughts start dropping away as you become more present to each other.

  1. Kissing Connection

Take a few moments to consciously kiss each other. Take your time and feel all the sensations. Notice the touch of your lips together, the feeling of being close to another, the feeling of a warm embrace. Notice the urge to take things further and bring yourself back to the present moment, to the art of kissing. Reconnect to your breath and notice your body becoming alive with sensation.

Single and looking for a Beloved…

Are you ready to draw a partner into your life? This process may be a mysterious and challenging one. As mentioned, Tantra teaches us to create a loving relationship with ourselves first. Then we can attract the person of our dreams, free of neediness and unrealistic expectation. Here are some tips for drawing a beloved into your life:

  1. Trust yourself

Trusting yourself is the antidote to doubting. We may begin to feel that “it’s too late for me” or “I’ll never find the person I’m looking for.” Trusting and believing in your vision will get you through these doubts and keep you on course to realize your dream.

  1. Stay true to yourself

Sometimes we get lost in the wanting. Continue to treat yourself as your own best friend. Take yourself on dates, practice self-care, and do the things you enjoy. As you continue to honor yourself, your light will shine from the inside out and people will be bound to be attracted to you.

  1. Surprise yourself

Letting go of how something “should be” allows us to see what is around us. Perhaps the person you are looking for is right in front of you but doesn’t necessarily look like the way you thought. Set your intention of finding your beloved and tap into the feeling of what it would be like to have that person in your life. Then be open to who shows up in your life; you may be surprised!

Single and enjoying being alone…

There are even practices for you! If you are totally content being single and not looking to draw another person into your life, you can still cultivate a loving relationship with yourself. Masturbation often turns into a habitual act. We know what works for us and return to the same thing over and over again. We frequently seek out fantasies to stimulate us whether it is through porn or our own imagination. Try this self-love practice that assists you in transforming masturbation into an act of making love to yourself.

  1. Self-Love

Create a warm and loving space for yourself, such as lighting candles and playing soft music. Start by honoring all parts of yourself, finding gratitude for your legs, your arms, and your stomach. Caress each part of your body taking it slow. Notice your mind slipping away or into fantasy mode and bring your awareness back to the present moment. As you begin to stimulate yourself, explore and try out different types of touch. See what feels good. Honor any and all emotions that may arise. Practice not having a goal; i.e. welcoming an orgasm but not needing one to happen. Allow your body to guide the way.

How to Connect With Your Power and Become an Attractive Man Effortlessly

asWhile the world of seduction becomes cloudy and hazy to a lot of Men, so to comes frustration and fatigue to those Men who have been lead down the wrong beaten track of becoming better with Women.

99% of seduction or pick-up companies out there will sell you on proven methods and technique to seduce Women effortlessly.

For example “Use this secret technique and her panties will fall off for you” type hook lines.

As Men we very logical based creatures. We like to hear that there are methods or techniques to achieving a “successful seduction” with a Woman.

We want to know fool-proof methods that offer us maximum reward for very little effort, making us constantly on the look out for even better ways that might yield a greater return.

There is a massive failure here.

These methods are all logically driven processes.

If you believe learning techniques or methods is the correct way to start to learn to develop attraction with Women then you need to wake up right now and get a taste of reality.

Attraction is feeling based, it’s not logical.

I will repeat it once more again for you just so you do not forget it!

Attraction is feeling based, it’s not logical.

I am here to tell you straight up that your own intelligence and mind has stopped you from attracting the Women you want into your life.

Filling your head with methods and techniques is completely the wrong thing to do.

What’s the correct alternative to filling your head with non-sense?

Becoming my in touch with yourself and your own masculinity. Fredrick Perls a well recognised psychiatrist and psychotherapist emphasises this transition perfectly.

We need to come to our senses. We need to come back into our own body, connect to senses.

A lot of Men have forgotten to connect to their own masculinity which is running through their body.

Being stuck in your mind creates frustration and anxiety, things which do not help you connect with Women.

The sensation of excitement rush through your body when you see a beautiful Woman.

This feeling can quickly lead to anxiety when you do not feel into these sensations and instead try to rationalise in your mind to stop yourself.

You see it’s not about methods or techniques but instead becoming better with yourself which automatically breeds congruence and confidence.

Confidence coming from the latin word Confidere “to trust from within”.

You have to recognise the power that lies inside of you and trust the feelings and sensations happening inside.

The rest takes care of itself.

Mark is an Kiwi attraction and masculinity coach/writer who connects with many Men who are looking to better there dating lives and overall lifestyle through his online blog and booking Skype consultations. His philosophy for any Man to achieve greater satisfaction in their own life is about connecting and becoming better with yourself.


Top 5 Ways to Impress Women

woDo you find it difficult to impress women? Do you want to get rid of the tag of ‘loneliness’? Are you sick of ‘being single?’

Then you have landed on the right article, because I am here to tell you the top five ways to impress women. Since I am myself one, I know what the ladies look in men. If you think growing muscles or earning a handsome salary is all that you need to impress a real woman, then you are surely wrong.

Following are the top five ways to impress the real women:

    1. Just be yourselfInstead of imitating someone, it is better to be just the way you are. You don’t need to do a lot of things to impress us; all you need to do is be who you are. We like men who know how to express their emotions and put their innermost feelings into words. Unless you do that, you can never have the right kind of a woman walking by your side.


    1. Don’t be too hard on yourself The worst thing that most of the men do is strive hard to impress women. Don’t do that – all you’ve got to do is keep it simple and learn how to respect us and you would gain our attention. Defend us, if you are given the opportunity and if your stand makes a different in our lives, and be with us, when we need you.


    1. Don’t try to impress us I know a lot of men do this – they try to impress the ladies with their style, fashion and a lot of such materialistic things. Instead of playing the impression game, which does not last for long, try to be casual and keep it low. If a woman falls in love with you for your style, remember, she has to see you in your informal outfits at home in future, when you both plan to settle down together.


    1. Express yourself in bedLet’s face it – most of the women now know what they want from their men. They are open and now believe in communicating about what they want in bed. If you have a woman in your life and you want to sustain her, you have surely got to be good in bed.


  1. Keep her satisfied I don’t say that intimacy is the only thing between two lovers, but it is obviously one of the most important things that allow two people to maintain love between each other. Keep her relaxed and satisfied in bed and see the glow on her face.